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How to use OptionsPlay

OptionsPlay is broken down into 3 Panels.

Trade Ideas, Security Analysis and Trading/Income.

The 'Guide' icons on the top-right is an extremely useful tool. Click on it will hide/show the explanation of the terms and functions.

Trade Ideas Panel

List stocks that exhibit clear Bullish or Bearish trends, generate a Buy/Sell Signal, and meet minimum Price and Liquidity Metrics.

  1. You can filter/sort the list based on your preferences such as by Market Cap, Sector, and Scan Type.
  2. The List can be sorted by Alphabetical Order, Last Price, Score (Technical Score) and Bullish or Bearish Views.


Example of Security Analytics Panel

1.The Symbol box is where you enter the symbol. Symbols with different class shares like Berkshire B Shares should be entered as BRK.B.

2. 1m/6m Trend Indicators were created to help you identify clearly the trends of an underlying.

3. The Technical Score is an ranking system Options Play has developed to rank stocks in comparison to each other. ETF's, REITS, and Indices are excluded from such rankings.

4. The Support/Resistance Lines are calculated by Options Play using a proprietary method and is drawn directly on the charts as well as displayed below the chart with the corresponding % move required to hit those targets.

5. The Expandable Chart which allows you to customize and draw technical indicators directly on the chart with over 65+ technical indicators. The chart is also customizable for different time periods and charting types.


  1. Earning Date: The upcoming earnings report date.
  2. Trade Idea explanation: (This only shows up if the symbol being viewed is a Trade Idea for that date; otherwise it is hidden) Displays what indicator has been hit and why it generated a Trade Idea.
  3. Price Action: It takes the most relevant and important piece of price action data and translates it into plain English. This could vary from, breaking above/below support/resistance lines, crossing 200D moving averages, gapping up/down due to earnings, bouncing off of support/resistance levels, etc.

7. Hide/Show Trade Panel Button: This will hide/show the 3rd panel on the right hand of the screen

8. I'm Bullish/I'm Bearish Buttons: Options Play defaults to the sentiment of the strategy based on the current trend of the stock. You can override this by choosing the opposite sentiment in the Security Analysis Panel with the "I'm Bullish/I'm Bearish" Buttons.

Trade Ideas and Analytics

OptionsPlay Ideas Overview

Income Panel


Important Note: Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For more information, please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.Please note fees, commissions and interest charges should be considered when calculating results of options strategies. Transaction costs may be significant in multi-leg option strategies, including spreads, as they involve multiple commission charges. Supporting documentation for any claims will be supplied upon request. SogoTrade does not provide tax advice. Please consult with a tax advisor as to how taxes may affect the outcome of options transactions/strategies.